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About us

about1Viticulturist Govert van der Hout started his Arion Wine Company in 2003. Through the years, his company has grown to be one of the best-known wine importers of the island. This is mainly thanks to the many tastings, seminars and educational events that Arion Wine Company has organized, but also the exquisite Friends of Arion events such as dinners, have certainly attributed to the popularity of this company. Individual customers as well as bars, restaurants and hotels are Arion wine Company’s clients.

Our logo: The story of Arion and the Dolphin

about1The name Arion comes from Greek mythology – it is the name of a fabulous, immortal horse, born to goddess Demeter. The name stands for an impressive, superb and graceful animal, who could outrun any other beast; Arion stands for being better, stouter and braver. Arion lived around 625 BC on Lesbos. He was a poet and a musician. Lured by the promise of great fame and riches he traveled to Sicily, where a musical contest was held.  Arion won the contest, receiving many great prizes and gifts from adoring fans.



During the sail back to his island, however, the crew of his vessel decided to chuck Arion overboard and divide his bounty between them. However, Arion came up with a final request which would save his life: he asked whether he could sing a final song. Playing his kithara, Arion sang praise to Apollo, the god of poetry. Arion’s song was so beautiful that Apollo sent a number of dolphins around the ship to listen to Arion’s praise. At the end of the song, Arion threw himself into the sea rather than be killed, but one of the dolphins saved his life and carried him to safety.